This is a church centre for retreatants and pilgrims, next to the monastry of Utstein Kloster outside Stavanger.

We have 8 guestrooms with single or twin beds. Bathroom is attached.

We welcome travellers and holiday-makers of all kinds during the summer season.  Then the house offers bed & breakfast, art exhibition and afternoon tea/ coffee.

The surroundings are superb for relaxation and recreation, with grazing sheep and glittering sea all around. The area is perfect for walking and bicycling.

The centre is open all the year round for shorter or longer stay. Contact in advance is preferable.

Price per night included breakfast:         Single room:         NOK 575

                                                         Double room:         NOK 850

Other meals may be available upon request.

Please contact retreat@utsteinpilegrimsgard.no or phone  no  +47 468 15 769.

Our statement: Utstein Pilegrimsgard is a place for silence pointing at Jesus Christ.

We are exploring our celtic roots connecting ourselves with the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

We are a centre for the pilgrim rout along the coast to Trondheim.

We are a centre for the pilgrim rout inland to Røldal.